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Who Are We?

Star Tarot is a brand-new company built on a foundation of more than 76 years of combined experience. The driving forces behind this business are us: Vikki and Karen. We have seen a lot, learned plenty, and feel that we can offer even more. We’re not ones to toot our own trumpet, but we want to give you a little bit of information about our backgrounds.

About Karen

Karen is a mother of three and a grandmother of five beautiful children. She is a crystal therapist, teacher, and all-round superstar! Karen runs a not-for-profit organisation in Nottingham called the Avalon Centre. The project is close to her heart; it offers a sanctuary for people to meet, learn new things, and feel accepted. Karen is a natural healer — when you first meet her, you'll feel at ease in an instant. No matter your problem, Karen will do her utmost to help and reassure you.

Karen's passion is the tarot. This includes performing readings and teaching the art of the tarot within classes. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Karen works under the name Karen Phoenix. As a gifted reader, she provides readers across the UK.

Karen delivers classes and courses designed to give people the power to make changes. She also runs meditation and psychic development classes on a regular basis. It was at one such class that Karen and Vikki first met! The pair become fast friends, recognising the skills and abilities they had to offer.

About Vikki

Vikki is the mother of three incredible children, and the grandmother of one and a half… One is still on the way! Vikki has an amazing partner, who has been a constant source of support in her journey with the tarot. Vikki owns two excitable hounds and a gorgeous ginger cat. The pack keeps life interesting! Vikki has taken part in spiritual development groups from the age of 10, and is a born empath. 

Because she was drawn to the tarot at a young age, Vikki has had time to develop her reading abilities. She also supports her sister in the Truman Clinic based in Heanor, Derbyshire. This is an alternative therapy clinic where Vikki offers face-to-face readings. The tarot has become a major part of Vikki’s life in recent years. She works daily to offer readings and help teach others the wonder and magic of the tarot.

Our Work

Now you’ve got an idea of who we are, what we do, and what is important in our lives. At Star Tarot, we only offer readings that come from the heart in an honest, empowering way. Our services will help you make choices that add a twinkle to your life!

Our Star Tarot Wishes

We hope you understand how much time we have invested in Star Tarot, and that our intentions are to deliver a service that is truthful and honest. We are striving to create a website that is welcoming and informative, and inclusive. We actively encourage people to contact us with their feedback, complaints, opinions, experiences, questions and suggestions. Our utmost and heartfelt wish is to help and guide each person that phones, or texts for a reading. We want each and every one of you that contacts us to feel supported, guided, and empowered by your reading. 

We hope that you all will come to know us, and realise that we are 100% approachable, and what’s more, eager to hear from you. We want interaction, and we want to build our community for everyone. We want you to know that you are valued, and you have a voice at Star Tarot. This is just the beginning for us, and we will be listening to what you want, and we will implement, adjust and change to suit your needs, wherever feasible and possible. We are not a faceless company, and we have every intention to be hands on, accountable, and to provide a personal, warm and friendly approach across all areas relating to Star Tarot.

Our aim is to get to know our customers, or what we prefer to call, our community. We have a lot of experience, and knowledge, and we have seen firsthand how things can be done to benefit all, not just the few. We will deliver a fair and balanced service to you, our community, and we will also ensure our readers are well looked after, and respected. 

Our site and services will evolve, develop, and grow as time goes on. We would love for you to be a part of our adventure, and to contribute by sharing your thoughts, hopes and wishes in our community.

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