Celebrating the Summer Solstice.

Summer Solstice, Litha, Midsummer Day, St.Johns’ Day or All Couples Day or whatever you choose to call this glorious day, it happens on June 21st the longest day of the year. It’s the time of the year when the sun reaches its furthest point away from the equator. It’s also the day of the year, when the Sun's energies are the strongest and we move from Gemini and the element of air, to Cancer and the element of emotion.

I often wondered why its called Midsummer as this day usually marks the beginning of summer, but I discovered it’s because of the Celtic tradition of it falling between Beltane and Lughnasadh. As a sun festival, it was traditionally celebrated during the day from sunrise to sunset, but with the constraints and pressures of modern society this is not always practical and so an evening celebration is common. There are no set rituals or practices except for purification by walking through or jumping over fires and wearing or using rich colours such as red orange, yellow and gold. I find time during this day to consult tarot readers or astrologers to help me on my journey over the coming months as often their intuition is fired by the energy of the Sun.

It’s a day when light overcomes darkness………a day of power! It’s a day of magic, love and friendship. Use this day to express gratitude, and share time, love and laughter with friends and family. It’s also a time for releasing all that no longer serves you its a day of spiritual renewal where we can look at the areas of our lives that are not so abundant and try to change this. It’s also a time for us to celebrate our achievements and offer up our hopes for the future.

The element associated with this day is Fire which is both cleansing and empowering. Try setting your alarm for 30 minutes before sunrise which this year will be 05: 25 for us in the northern hemisphere, and write down a list of all the things you want to release from your life and just as the sun rises go outside and safely burn the list in a small fireproof bowl sprinkling it with rosemary and sage before you light it allowing all that you no longer need in your life to be released.

Magical and Healing Herbs are also at their most potent at this time of year. Fennel, Lavender Marigolds, Rosemary, Sage,St Johns Wort, Vervain Chamomile and Basil are just a few of the Herbs associated with this day. Try picking them and hanging them to dry to be used later in the year for healing or for cooking

Food usually plays an important part of celebrations on this day and ideally shared with family and friends. For me this year my Solstice dinner will be a salad, fruit and homemade wine. Here’s my salad recipe to enjoy Dice tomatoes, onion, red, yellow and orange peppers and one medium cucumber. Crumble feta cheese and three sprigs of chopped fresh parsley over the top and pour balsamic vinegar dressing over the mixture and stir well. Follow this with a melon and strawberry plate and wash it all down with homemade elderflower champagne.

In whatever way you just to celebrate this glorious day do it with love and laughter.

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