Dreams are funny old things, aren’t they? How many of you

wake up in a morning and start to recall snippets of a dream, but it’s just
slightly out of reach for you to remember it all? Or, you remember the dream
with great clarity, but you haven’t a clue what it all means? I personally have
a love/hate kind of relationship with my dreams, sometimes I love what my
dreams bring forward, but other times I get so frustrated with them...or,

There are so many scenarios, situations, and circumstances

that surround your dreams. There are many people who believe it is just our
subconscious downloading, and making sense of our day, or a particular
situation. Other people believe that we are receiving messages from our guides,
loved ones who have passed, or a higher source is trying to communicate with us.
I have also had many conversations over the years, with people who feel we are
seeing echoes from our past lives. I am sure there are endless beliefs,
thoughts, and studies on this matter, but I think these three are probably the
most common.

I will attempt, over the coming months, to address some of
the hot topics of the wonderful, surreal, and perplexing realms of dream land.

I am going to start off with the rather tricky, and for
some, rather touchy subject of the ‘ex’ dream. I’m sure we have all experienced
this at some stage in our lives, and boy does it leave you feeling freaked out!
You may have been ‘over’ this person for years, but suddenly you are having
extremely clear, and maybe, quite intimate dreams about this person. Are you
dreaming about them in a past tense, or do the dreams feel as if it is in the
here and now? Are you arguing with them, or are you experiencing an incredible
feeling of love and comfort within your dream? I will list a few reasons why
you could be dreaming about your ex. Some you may feel are common sense, but
maybe there is something that you read below that could help you find some clarity
and if I can shed a little light on this area
for you, or give you a tip on how to stop dreaming about your ex, then I am
more than happy to share.


I think I can safely say that the vast majority of us have
experienced a relationship break up. Whether you are the dumper or dumpee...it
really isn’t very nice. Hearts are broken, endless tears are shed, harsh words
are spoken, and love sounds like a dirty word for a while. If you are lucky,
you had the chance to say your peace, walked away with your head held high,
nursed your wounded feelings, and came out the other end knowing why it went
wrong, but more importantly, knowing that the break up was the right thing for
you. But....what if, like many others, you never got closure? You may have
thought the relationship was done and dusted, but if things were left unsaid,
then you may have a few emotions that have been bubbling away in your
subconscious for a while. So, what can you do about it? If you are in a
position where you can still communicate with your ex, then you may consider
just being honest with them. This could sound like a recipe for disaster, but
it could also help you to find that closure, and move forward, only you can
judge if this suggestion is possible. For a lot of people, that includes me,
you are probably not in a position where you can, or would want to, communicate
with your ex. In this situation you can either decide that knowing why you have
the dreams is enough, and try to come to terms with not speaking out, and
getting those feeling in the open, or you could write a letter? This may sound
a little silly, but hear me out... Writing down your feelings is always a great
way to make sense of things, to vent, to get your thoughts down on paper. Now
imagine that you have addressed the letter to your ex, and you have been able
to tell them how the ending of the relationship made you feel, or how unfair
you feel it was to not have been able to express your thoughts and feelings.
You don’t have to send this letter, so you don’t have to worry about rocking
the boat. In fact, one good way of feeling a sense of release would be to burn
it. This isn’t about confrontation, or revenge, this is about you being able to
get your feelings out, and being able to close the door.

A New Relationship.

A new relationship can be scary, exciting, and amazing all
at the same time! You have moved on from
the heartache the previous relationship caused you, met a rather wonderful
individual, and embarked on a shiny new adventure. But...are you feeling really
anxious about this new person in your life? Do you worry that your trust could
be broken, and that your poor heart will be crushed all over again? All of
these feelings are completely understandable, and natural. We can all be guilty
of potentially scuppering our future happiness because we are too scared to
open up again....to take a chance, and to trust someone with our beautiful, but
vulnerable hearts. You need to take a step back and take some good deep breaths
at this point. Be honest with yourself, which is sometimes the hardest thing to
do. Are you comparing your new relationship with the old one, because you’re
are actually scared that it will turn sour like the old one did? Are you
looking at the new person in your life, and trying to find similarities with
the ex because you’re a tad nervous about trusting this new someone? Do you
feel that you don’t deserve a healthy and happy relationship, because of how
your ex treated you? Take things slowly with this new relationship, go at a
pace that you feel comfortable with. Be honest...if you feel confident to do
so....you might be surprised when they respond that they too feel the same way.
Experience new things, go to different places, and make new memories. But most
important of all, be kind to yourself, and believe that you truly deserve to be


We all experience tough times, and it can be very easy when
this happens to long for a time in your life when it was easier, or
happier. These halcyon days are often
associated with people, and that can include an ex. If you are dreaming about
an ex, and within those dreams you are reliving times, and places where you
have lovely memories, chances are you are escaping a tough time in your present
life. Even if your relationship ended badly, and you have absolutely no
inclination to get back with your ex, they can still represent a time where you
had little worries, no responsibilities, and every day seemed filled with
sunshine. Try to look at those past times with a clear head, and take the rose
tinted glasses off. Just because your ex was around at that particular time in
your life where you felt footloose and fancy free, doesn’t mean that they were
wholly responsible for your happiness at that time, it just means that they
were present. Try to remember the whole picture, and remind yourself that there
were many other factors going on around that time. Remember the other people
involved in your life back then, and realise that a lot of the good memories
include them too. Our wonderful minds can play tricks on us sometimes, and
these selective memories can trigger dreams about people and places we thought
we had moved on from. Look at what is happening in the here and now, and try to
address the problems you are facing. Can you fix the issues around you on your
own? Be realistic and ask yourself what it is that you need or want in order to
help you through this problem. If you feel like you are losing an uphill
battle, then maybe now is the time that you asked for help, and seek advice.

Your ‘Ex’ Is Thinking A
bout You!

There is a belief that when someone is thinking of you, and
in some cultures, dreaming about you, they can appear in your dreams. Now I
know some of you may think this is a stretch of the imagination, but I
personally feel that this actually makes sense. When you become involved with
someone, in any relationship, bonds are made. We feel attached to that person,
even when we are physically miles apart. We create cords that attach us to each
other....have you ever heard the expression, ‘cutting the cords’? If you have
been in a brief relationship, then breaking the bond with that person can be
fairly easy, but if you have been in a passionate and intimate coupling, with
intense feelings, and it has also been a long term relationship, then those
cords can be incredibly strong, and powerful. You may feel that you are
completely over your ex, and you have moved on, but those cords can still be
very much attached, and still capable of exchanging energy, and emotions. There
are many ways you can cut the cords, and you can adapt a method to suit your
circumstances. One simple way is to find a nice, quiet spot. Ensure that you
are comfortable, and relaxed, and you won’t be disturbed. 

Close your eyes, and take some nice long deep
breaths in through your nose, count to four, and breathe out slowly through
your mouth. As you are doing this, ground yourself by imaging that you have
roots from the soles of your feet, reaching down through the ground, anchoring
you to the earth’s core. Feel safe in the knowledge that you are looked after,
and protected by your angels, guides, and your loved ones who have passed over.
At this point you can either imagine that you can see the cord, or cords, which
stretch from you to your ex, and you, can start to cut the cords. Or, you can
ask your guides to help you to cut the connection between you and your ex. You
can talk out loud, or in your mind, whichever feels the most natural and
productive for you. The most important thing is that you do this with good
intentions, and for the right reasons. You need to help your ex to let go, so
wherever possible, please send love and light.

I have only scratched the surface on this particular
subject, but I hope it helped to shed a little light on this puzzling scenario.

We are always interested in what you think, so please feel
free to join our community and share your experiences and thoughts.

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