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Realistic & Respectful

Hands up everybody who expects readers to answer questions in a matter of seconds, or minutes, on issues that are quite complex, and personal? 

We feel that readers are put under quite a lot of pressure to perform from the moment they pick up the phone. This is usually due to an unrealistic belief that readers can click a switch, and connect with a client within a matter of seconds....

We understand that as a client you want a reading, and not just any reading, but a good one, we recognise that, and we feel that you have come to the right place.
If you were to go and see a Tarot reader, or a medium for a reading, how much would that cost you? How much time would they take to do the reading for you? After years of doing readings at shows, one to ones, parties etc, plus a whole load of research, we can tell you that you would be paying at least double the amount of money, for a twenty to thirty minute reading, than what you do for a phone reading for that same amount of time. When you take into consideration, you have no transport costs, and you don’t have to wait weeks, or months for an appointment, we feel that spending a few minutes to tune into your reader is well worth it. 

In fact, if you want to get the very best from your reader, then we suggest that you give yourself and the reader you have chosen, the time to connect and to allow them to work in their own way, and let them guide you through the reading. Sometimes you will receive an answer from a reader that you maybe didn’t want to hear, and we know this is hard, but we also appreciate that sometimes the answer you would like isn’t always there. The reader would not be doing their job just by telling you what you want to hear. Their honesty is a quality to be respected as they do try very hard to help you, and as they build a rapport with you, they do become very emotionally connected, especially our empathic readers. Our readers aim is always to empower you to make decisions, and reveal aspects and options you may not have been aware of.

At Star Tarot we are challenging some of the myths, and old beliefs surrounding readings and Tarot. Our aim is to be truthful, honest, and keep things as transparent as possible. We will provide a service that you deserve, but more importantly, we will ensure you get the very best reading at a reasonable and fair price. Our readers are the backbone of our community, for which we respect and treat them accordingly. Our community is based on respect, honesty, and a sense of friendship, and our aim is to create a safe, relaxed and open experience, for both our sparkling readers, and you, our wonderful clients. 

If you have any comments on anything we have said, please feel free to join our community, and have your say.

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