Star Tarot's First Blog!

Hi there starlets, Vikki here. I have been given the task of writing our first blog here at Star Tarot. (No pressure)! I felt our first blog really ought to be a brief introduction to Tarot. I’m sure you have begun to notice that we at Star Tarot are ever so slightly in love with it! It would be really quite difficult to narrow my passion of all things Tarot to just one thing; in fact it’s hurting my head to even try. I could point out that the images on all decks are beautiful, but then I also marvel over the diverse symbolism, and the connection to so many subjects. I am obviously not forgetting the rather magical aspect attributed to the Tarot, they are indeed utterly perfect and super special.

Each Tarot card is unique in its design; there are literally hundreds of decks to choose from. My personal favourite is the Rider-Waite design, but I really love some of the other decks out there. Every deck varies in design, but also in the use of symbolism. When doing a reading for someone, you look at each card on its own, but you also see how the cards relate to each other collectively, and also depending on the spread, but more about that later. When you focus just on the symbolism in the Rider-Waite pack alone, you can find subjects such as: Numerology, astrology, horoscopes, mythology, and religion, to name a few. There are also the fabulous court cards, which can identify the people within your life, or your own characteristics, and people who may be coming into your life. The court cards can be very complex, and take some time to get to know, and work with. All the cards, when used together in a spread, can tell a story. This story can lead you from past events in your life, which then follows onto to your current situation, and then nicely leads to your probable outcome. 

As I mentioned earlier, each reading usually involves a spread. More often than not, someone who wants a reading does usually have a specific question. If I had to put my mind to it, and put some order to the questions I frequently get asked, then affairs of the heart is usually top of the charts. I personally know several love spreads, but I have two favourites which I like to use. There are also spreads for your career, money, family, horoscopes, twelve months spreads, the Celtic cross, promotion spreads...the list honestly goes on. I would always use the 21 card spread when I first started out, just because I felt it gave the person I was reading for, plenty of information and validation. As time has gone on, I have found other spreads that are more specific, and usually only involve five to ten cards. Don’t get me wrong, I always end up using more cards as the reading goes on. This is usually for clarification in just one area of the spread, and can help elaborate the overall reading.

There is one thing that becomes very apparent when you first start doing readings for the public. I will just briefly touch on this, but it is a subject a lot of readers end up discussing, and it’s usually with disappointment and a heavy sigh. The subject I am referring to is the ‘folded arms’ client. This scenario happens every so often, and can honestly spoil the whole reading, not so much for the reader, but the client that has come for the reading. When you read for someone you want them to get the very best from the reading, and you also want to give them the maximum amount of information they need, or want. I personally put a lot of heart and feeling into my readings because I honestly want to help. For me to work successfully with a client, I need them to be open and honest, and for them to feel relaxed and engage with me. If I have someone sat across from me at my reading table, with their arms crossed firmly across their chest, and a perfect poker face, with the belief firmly rooted in their mind that they will not speak to me, only to say yes or no, and that they want me to ‘prove’ myself, then I’m afraid they have already put in motion a very stilted reading, and to be honest, a very frustrating one! What you are actually doing is blocking yourself, and stopping the reading from flowing. The only one that misses out here is the client, and it’s such a shame. I could start to explain about the solar plexus chakra that is being blocked at this point, but I will keep this simple, and leave that for another day. I would just like to leave this particular subject here, but could I please ask that if any of you are going for a reading, whether that be in person, over the phone, e mail etc, then please be open, and work with the reader, be honest, ask questions, and before the reading ask your loved ones, guides and angels, to help guide you and the reader in your reading.

These are just a few facts and personal experiences about the Tarot, and a brief description of what they are about. I know that a lot of people have little experience of Tarot, and I have found that they, the cards, can be very misunderstood. I think I have lost count of the times I have spoken to people, and when I mention Tarot cards, they instantly look wary, and say things like ‘Oh there scary aren’t they, they tell you when you’re going to die’! Or, ‘I can’t have a Tarot reading; they only tell you all the bad stuff that’s going to happen’! I can honestly say that these statements couldn’t be further from the truth, and myself, and all at Star Tarot, hope over the coming weeks and months to dispel some of these beliefs.

Tarot is an amazing tool; it can offer you choices, guidance, and support. It can show you a way forward at a time in your life when you are feeling lost, or jaded. Tarot can help to clarify a particular situation, or just give you an overall picture of what is happening, and what you could work towards. Tarot gives us hope for the future, it can inject confidence to those that feel they can’t move forwards, and it also can give you a gentle but much needed nudge in the right direction. Tarot can give you hope when you feel you have lost all yours, and it can empower you.

I hope you found this article interesting, and I would love to hear your comments about the Tarot.

We also encourage any of you to write in with your experiences, and to contribute to our community. 

Warm wishes to you all, take care, and hope to hear from you soon.

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